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Limeyards leat
Welcome to Ticknall Archaeological Research Group's website.  We started in 2010 with a 'Your Heritage' grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund  over 3 years, to investigate the archaeology of Ticknall's potteries and its landscape history. During these  years we were also supported by the National Trust and Archaeological Project Services of Heckington, Lincolnshire.

The National Trust continue to support us and we are currently assisted and trained by Mercian Archaeology, and Dr Anne Irving - 'The Ceramics Consultant'.

We know the Ticknall potteries operated from c1300 to about 1888, producing Midlands Purpleware, domestic coarsewares for most of the period and Yellow Ware from 1600.  Fine Cistercianwares were made from 1450-1550.  We have also found small quantities of Coal Measures Whiteware, 1200s and 1300s.

Members range in age from young teenage to over 80.  The only qualifications are interest and enthusiasm.         
'Squeezies' - used to seperate pots in the kiln             A few finds                                                            Ticknall bricks, one with initials IHC - Sir John Harpur Crewe

Have you noticed our TARG logo?   It was found on a Ticknall pottery site, and would have been the decoration on a Cistercian ware cup or similar piece.  This lively dog was found with a bull, a pig and another dog.  The potter here was a real artist, capturing the dog's movement.  We have not, so far, found animals on other sites.

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